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Two-Way Communications

An overlooked and simple step that can boost your bottom line and increase customer satisfaction.

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A restaurant hostess uses a portable two-way radio to communicate with her team.

There’s no denying that an organization’s reputation and bottom line can take a hard hit when team members don't have solid lines of communication established throughout the work environment.

Want a real-world example?

How about a restaurant host who has to physically leave the presence of first-time guests to go track down another team member or to check the status of something in the dining room or back of the house before seating these new guests? The bond that was established just moments earlier when they were warmly welcomed as they arrived has now been suspended, and trust quickly diminishes while the new guests stand alone (near the exit door, incidentally) and are left guessing. Their host and only advocate at this unfamiliar place has vanished.

First impressions have a big impact on new customers, and they are quick to share those experiences with others in person and online.

It’s easy for a dedicated team to make a good first impression and to offer consistent, exceptional customer service when it's equipped with the right tools and training, and perhaps the most important tool that any successful team or operation has is good communication.

Empowering team members with a quick and seamless way to communicate with each other not only increases productivity by reducing man-hours wasted on frivolous searches and adventures on foot around the property, but also allows the team to effectively work together toward offering a consistent, coordinated customer experience.

Modern two-way radios are versatile and varied enough to benefit almost any operation or industry.

Time-tested and proven “push-to-talk" devices like digital and analog two-way radios, as well as newer and developing technologies like 4G/LTE Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) and Wi-Fi capable devices, allow team members to talk instantly to everyone at once or to specific groups or even individual devices at the press of a button.

Restaurants, houses of worship, schools, public-safety, law enforcement and security, multi-facility plants, local and nationwide delivery services, theatre and live music, live-streaming productions, and just about any industry imaginable can be streamlined with good team communication when and where it's needed.

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